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Stark Reagan Attorneys Are Skilled At Creating Effective Trusts

Many people believe that trusts are too complicated to understand or that only very affluent individuals can benefit from a trust. But trusts are an essential part of estate planning for many people. Trusts are useful in addressing important objectives, and doing so confidentially, outside the courtroom.

At Stark Reagan, we create trusts to address many different circumstances:

  • Ensure the orderly and private transfer of your property
  • Manage assets for beneficiaries
  • Avoid probate costs
  • Administration of your affairs in the event of incapacity
  • Provide for the orderly transition of your business
  • Provide for dependents
  • Finance college education
  • Continue to make alimony or child support payments
  • Protection of assets
  • Make charitable gifts
  • Minimize capital gains and estate taxes

Wills can stand alone or work in conjunction with trusts to address specific problems. Our estate planning attorneys have extensive experience helping clients identifying and solving these problems.

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