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Employee Handbooks And Training Tailored To Your Unique Needs

Poor communication between a company and its employees can be costly. Handbooks and training materials that fail to clearly outline expectations are an invitation to expensive, distracting, and demoralizing litigation.

Explaining Policies And Procedures To Your Employees

At Stark Reagan in Troy, Michigan, we produce employee handbooks specifically tailored to your company. They are readable, and they unmistakably spell out employee rights and responsibilities as well as the consequences for failing to meet these responsibilities.

Our attorneys are well versed in state and federal laws regarding employment, and we are dedicated to understanding your business before we begin drafting. Handbooks cover the entire range of business processes, spelling out in detail your positions on a variety of critical topics:

  • Employee discipline
  • Policies mandated by state and federal law
  • Performance reviews
  • Reporting incidents of harassment and discrimination

Creating Effective Employee Handbooks And Training Materials

Don’t make the mistake of providing your employees with off-the-shelf handbooks and training materials containing irrelevant or obsolete information. Carefully tailored employee materials will provide necessary clarity to your employees. Furthermore, your current employee handbooks and training materials should be periodically reviewed to identify ambiguities and legal vulnerabilities in light of the continually changing legal landscape.

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