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Stark Reagan, Business Attorneys

Stark Reagan provides legal guidance that you can trust to be accurate, prompt, and cost-effective.

The attorneys of Stark Reagan are leaders in their fields and respected by their peers. Our attorneys understand each client’s business and provide individualized attention to every client’s needs. We believe in delivering clients the greatest value for their money and developing long relationships built on honesty and respect.

Our clients include businesses from almost every industry and range in size from multimillion-dollar corporations doing business internationally to sole owners running home-based consultancies.

While our diverse clientele have many different needs, there is one thing they all have in common: a Stark Reagan attorney who will stand in their corner, defending their interests every step of the way, whether it’s business formation, business succession, employment questions, acquisitions or sales, litigation or arbitration.

Our long-term clients know what this means — having continuity and a sense of partnership with an experienced group of lawyers. We have served them well and been a factor in their success. We can help you, too.

We invite you to look at our attorneys’ background profiles. When you are ready to choose a law firm to guide you, call us at 248-641-9955.

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